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Help maintain the greatest air force

in the world

Our aircraft are as specialized as our mission and keeping each one ready for action is a big job. With teams of aircraft maintenance specialists around the country, the safety of our Airmen and the continued superiority of our Air Force is a daily preoccupation.

Electricians, engine mechanics, sheet metal workers, hydraulic, pneudraulic experts, and many other professionals with specialty skills fill the ranks of our maintenance team. Working on the most sophisticated and advanced fleet in the skies—fighter jets, bombers, surveillance and reconnaissance planes, transport and refueling planes, helicopters, and trainers—puts an important responsibility on our shoulders. A responsibility we carry proudly.

Unlike our counterparts in business and industry, we at AFCS are committed to something far more important than the bottom line. We work every day in the defense of our nation and the values we hold dear.

If you are interested in being considered for an aircraft maintenance position with the Air Force Civilian Service, click the Register button below to provide us with your profile information and to upload your resume.

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